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Stick Boom Crane

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Stick Boom Crane

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Stick Boom Crane

Boom Level
6 Level Boom
6 Level Boom
6 Level Boom
7 Level Boom
5 Level Boom
5 Level Boom


01. Boom section(sectional) structure

K Company
S Company
Human & Technology
8 angles
6 angles
7 angles
As a GAP is formed at the each sectional pad part, zigzag type rocking is occurred
General type
Boom rocking is minimized/degree of strength is improved with V-shaped pad support at the up-and-down 6 spots.

02. Boom section's degree of strength

K Company
S Company
Human & Technology
8 angles
6 angles
7 angles
As local load is working, a structure's transformation risk exists→Degree of strength is lowered
Support of 4 spots makes safe from transformation and rocking

03. Boom rocking

K Company
8 angles
Rocking occurs when turn around and stops(Zigzag type)
Human & Technology
7 angles
The occurrence of rocking is minimized when turn around and stops

04. Boom's structure

K Company
Human & Technology
2 TELE method of boom elongation structure
3 TELE method of boom elongation structure
  1. A standard type boom expansion & contraction system without fear of accident occurrence followed by damage of the 3-geared elongation wire and individual expansion & contraction cylinder trouble of complicated structure
  2. Boom protrusion length is shortened when the boom is entered completely → Traveling performance is improved owing to reduction of a turning radius of vehicles
  3. Pad size and quantity is increased and fabrication method is improved
  4. Overlap between the booms is enlarged over 200mm as compared with other company → Boom’s degree of strength is improved and boom drooping/rocking is minimized
  5. The compact boom exterior

05. Structure of a base

Double derrick cylinder
A large-sized double derrick cylinder proud of strong power was applied
A turning reducer that has powerful turning force and soft action performance (other company: 5ton/this company: 7ton)
Out-trigger valve
A 10-chained out-trigger valve that a front jack is available was applied
Twin cooler
Powerful cooling performance of twin oil cooler and simple piping
Base reinforcement
Turning bearing cover
A vulnerable point of the base intensity is solidly reinforced with a skirt type As the bearing cover is trisected, disassembling and assembling efficiency is improved

06. Top seat(cockpit)

1) Top seat boarding device
① Maximum 750mm of ascent/descent adjusting a vehicle cabin (top) height is possible: Height adjustable

② Simple structure and appearance

2) Seat up and down & front and rear adjustment
① A high-class arm rest applied

② Seat is adjustable to fit to a body figure: Up/down & front/rear ±50mm

3) Joystick lever height adjustment
① Setting of the joystick lever height adjustment is possible to fit to a body figure: Up and down ±50mm

② Joystick arrangement is possible to change into the left 3 -chained/right 2-chained ↔ left 2-chained/right 3-chained according to your taste

4) Accelerator pedal distance adjustment
① Setting of the accelerator pedal distance adjustment is possible to fit to a body figure: Front and rear ±25mm

② A hydraulic accelerator pedal without anxiety of problem occurrence followed by slip ring trouble was applied

③ A high-class AML system and wide monitor that can grasp the working status at a glance

07. Auxiliary winch and auxiliary winch adaptor

1) Auxiliary

① A 2-geared winch of powerful pulling-up ability (Rexroth)

② A wire rope ø14 applied

③ Compact installation structure

2) Auxiliary winch adaptor
A state when traveling

ⓞ When traveling in a state that parked the boom toward the vehicle front, both the boom protrusion length and a turning radius are shortened so traveling safety is improved

Normal times & 30° tilting state
ⓞ A gap of the main/auxiliary winch's hook and wire rope is expanded upon 30°ttilting → Getting a wire tangled is prevented when working at a high angle
3) Separate type wire guide

ⓞ Disassembly, assembly and convenience of the auxiliary winch wire rope is improved

08. Auxiliary boom

Base reinforcement
Turning bearing cover
① 4m auxiliary boom: 1 gear / 7m auxiliary boom: 2 gears (option)

② Auxiliary boom of structure possible to tilt at 0°, -15° , -30°
① An auxiliary boom stand manufactured to get the auxiliary boom attached/detached

② A wire guide roller that disassembly assembly is convenient

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